Friday, November 22, 2013

When Vancouver Leads, Access Follows

Ideas that are long overdue. A similar single-family residential ordinance was adopted officially in Pima County, AZ years ago and has withstood court challenges. Lever hardware is rapidly becoming the norm (no knobs in my house!), and we can expect hardware makers to get more creative and artful as lever use expands.

As I've often said, we are all seniors in training (if we're lucky), and aging-in-place is good for us, our families and for the public treasury. Habitat for Humanity has said it will build all homes to 'visitability standards' (at least one zero-step entry and accessible route to a sleeping area and main floor bathroom). Whether through age, illness or injury, we will all face mobility restrictions at point in our lives. And there's no place like home.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Idaho Loses Long-Time Advocate

Idaho lost a tremendous disability rights advocate and expert, and many of us lost a friend and mentor this weekend. Bobby Ball had a long history working to preserve and expand opportunities for persons living with disabilities through technical assistance and the legislative process. As the Director of the ADA Task Force, Bobby brought together partners from many background. Her wonderful smile and persuasive ability made it tough to say no, whether she was asking for volunteer time or resources to make Idaho more accessible and welcoming.

Thank you, Bobby, for all your hard work, dedication, great sense of humor, and the inspiration you have been to so many of us. We will miss you.

To learn more about Bobby, see this brief feature story when she was recognized as one of Idaho's 'Women Making History.'

This brief 10-second clip was captured during the ADA celebration at the Idaho Statehouse in 2010

Friday, November 15, 2013

Brochures, Information Sheets Available for Download!

Although it's been a while since the last post, things are moving forward. Here's a brief update on Ramp Up Idaho (RUI) activities:
  • RUI partners presented at this year's American Planning Association Conference in Idaho Falls
  • Cards and brochures printed and distributed via trade shows, NW ADA conference, Community Review visits and regional housing roundtable meetings
  • Presentation to Boise Fair Housing Task Force.
We've been getting requests for promotional materials from communities and organizations around the state. Small quantities of brochures or business cards are available on request, or you are free to download and distribute information as need using the links below:

Data sheets/brochures
Call 208 331 4706 for more information.