Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Screen shot of a presentation title slide. Photos at the top of the screen show several people, including some using white canes, guide dogs, and wheelchairs. From left to right: 1. people on a downtown street talking; 2. a woman in a black shirt with a guide dog walking down a steep foothills trail; 3. a zero-step entry to a home and porch; 4. rear view of two people in manual wheelchairs traveling on a sidewalk behind a woman using a white cane.

Access Means Business for Idaho Cities!

Members of the Idaho Access Project and Ramp Up Idaho presented "Access Means Business: Policies for Compliance, Community and Commerce" at the June 23rd Association of Idaho Cities Conference in Boise. 
Three smiling people pose for a selfie in front of a presentation screen. In the foreground is a man in a blue shirt and red vest. Seated to his right in the backgrounds are a man in a grey jacket in a manual wheelchair, and a woman in a light-colored jacket in a powered wheelchair.

We had a great turnout and audience questions about legal requirements, inclusive community engagement, local ADA transition planning, and the social and economic implications of accessibility and inclusion for retail,
   commercial and recreation/tourism businesses.

Access means business in employment, housing and community mobility. Ramp Up Idaho Co-founders and IAP Board Members Erik Kingston, PCED and Dana Gover, MPA, ADAC, were joined by fellow IAP Board Member and LINCIdaho Executive Director Jeremy Maxand, MA, ADAC.