Thursday, May 2, 2013

Which businesses are covered by the ADA?

Businesses that provide goods or services to the public are called “public accommodations” under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA. The ADA establishes requirements for 12 categories of public accommodations, which include:

  • stores,
  • restaurants,
  • bars,
  • service establishments, 
  • theaters, hotels,
  • recreational facilities,
  • private museums
  • schools,
  • doctors’ offices
  • dentists’ offices,
  • shopping malls,
  • and other businesses

Nearly all types of businesses that serve the public are included in the 12 categories, regardless of the size of the business or the age of their buildings.

Businesses covered by the ADA are required to modify their business policies and procedures when necessary to serve customers with disabilities and take steps to communicate effectively with customers with disabilities. The ADA also requires businesses to remove architectural barriers in existing buildings and make sure that newly built or altered facilities are constructed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. “Grandfather provisions” often found in local building codes do not exempt businesses from their obligations under the ADA.

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