Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Idaho Access Project

The Idaho Access Project is making things happen in Idaho. 

This small nonprofit is has cultivated partnerships with local and state government, small businesses, transportation and land-use planners, recreation and outdoor advocates, and even working with Boise State University. The group's all-volunteer board is actively engaged in multiple committees, task forces and networks...all as part of its mission to "...eliminate physical, attitudinal, and policy barriers to ensure people with disabilities can live, work, and play in our neighborhoods and communities."

The group recently presented a session called 'Count Us In: Planning and Design for Community Health, Mobility and Safety' for the 2021 Rocky Mountain Land-Use Institute.

One of the most striking aspects of this group is the diversity and breadth of their partnerships and alliances with other groups. The list is impressive, and large enough that it needs headings!

Policy Engagement

Academic Engagement

City of Boise

·         Pathways

·         Master Plan Working Group

·         ADA Transition Plan Working Group

·         Disability Advisory Project

·         ADA Parking Committee

·         Mayor’s Transition Committee “Movement for Everyone”

Boise State University

·         Service Learning

·         Accessible Digital Wayfinding

·         Voting rights

·         Marketing Communications

University of Idaho

·         Extension

·         Bioregional Planning and Community Design

Ada County Highway District

·         Roundabout Working Group

·         ADA Advisory Committee

Idaho Fair Housing Forum

Idaho Rural Partnership

NW Community Development Institute


·         Valley Regional Transit Advisory Council

Rocky Mountain Land-Use Institute


·         Building Code Board

·         State Independent Living Council

·         Idaho Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster

·         Idaho Inclusive Recreation Committee

·         Idaho Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance


Check out their web site at for more information and updates on their activities and vision.


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